Sage Suite
is our renovated guest suite with a country southwestern flare.  It’s
a quiet cozy suite in an upstairs woodsy setting with its own private
deck with rocking chairs, overlooking the pond.  Located over the
carport of the main house, the Suite has its own Private Entrance
off the deck and also includes:

Kitchenette with microwave,
fridge, toaster oven, skillet
King Bed (or 2 singles)
Full bath
Cable TV and DVD player

If you are interested in a Massage or a private Yoga
session, we would be delighted to share our recommendations
with you.


“I love the mountains and
special way Chamomile
Retreat makes me feel.  
Like coming home to relax
and renew my spirit.  I plan
to return on a regular basis
to regain the energy and
focus needed for today’s
busy life. It's a little nest
where I feel secure away
from home.”  Judy F.
Orlando, Florida
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Chamomile Retreat
A Country Getaway
Thank you dear Ande
for every little detail of
your kindness. You
made this our best
vacation week ever - a
home away from home
but filled with new
adventures. Now I
know the true meaning
of sleeping like logs.
We will be in
touch...You are a
special woman.
Sandy, Mimi, Myra
West Palm, FL