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Sage Suite at Chamomile Retreat
We are grateful for all those who have visited us.
Warmly, Ande and Jim

Our Mission Statement
To share our peaceful environment with those seeking
personal private retreat time in nature's wooded quiet.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you wanting to get away from the stress
and chaos of daily life? Are you wanting some alone time?

Sage Suite accommodates one or two people. Its comfortable
accommodations include a private deck overlooking the pond, an
efficiency size kitchen, full private bath, WiFi, TV, DVD and king size bed.

We are located on 20 wooded acres where you feel as if you have truly
escaped into the mountains yet we are just 1 mile off the main highway and
just 8 miles away from the towns of Ellijay and Blue Ridge.

We are simply a getaway,
not a retreat center and have just the one room.
This allows you to have the peace, quiet and privacy you desire when you
are needing to get away to rest, to heal, to catch up on your sleep and to
revitalize your energy; to have personal self-directed retreat time or to
write. Yet, you are not isolated, my husband and I are just around the

Our Story: Many years ago I moved back to Georgia from Colorado after 25
years. It was a huge transition and I was looking for a getaway place where
I could be alone and rest; a place where I felt secluded and secure but was
not isolated. Everyplace I found was either isolated or was a Retreat spa
with many other people around. I was so disappointed. So, I decided to
create my dream getaway and thus, Chamomile Retreat was born.

Chamomile Retreat
A Country Getaway

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Chamomile Retreat is one of those rare still spots in the universe. Here, traffic,
creating a perfect environment for intent listening, thinking and feeling--an ideal
setting for a writer. No stranger to the creative process, Andrea Hinda helps
guests make the most of their time at Chamomile Retreat. My comfortable suite
had everything I needed to be private and self-contained and yet the invitation to
seek out community at the main house was ever-welcoming. My stay at
Chamomile Retreat was a time of deep repose and creativity that I could not have
created for myself in my everyday setting; thank you again for such a
tremendous and lasting gift.
Kelleen Zubick, Poet, April 2011